Performa Hub

47 Walker St.
New York, NY 10013
Noon - 8pm

The Performa Hub, started in 2009, is a dynamic locus for an ongoing dialogue throughout the biennial, acting as a kind of living room facilitating the exchange of ideas surrounding performance and contemporary art and culture. Offering a venue for special performances, screenings, panel discussions, artists’ seminars, a lounge, shop, and visitor center, the Hub is the biennial’s headquarters, bringing to life the organization’s mission to illuminate performance from innovative perspectives and across disciplines.

As biennial and institution, Performa has profoundly shaped the contemporary art landscape, showing that "performance art," long considered on the periphery of the art world, has a central part to play as the form most perfectly suited to our media-centered age. And as museums the world over consider how to collect and exhibit performance, and as they endeavor to incorporate performance spaces and facilities into the architecture of major new building projects, it befits Performa to engage with current issues around the new role and physical footprint of performance activities in museum, gallery, and educational architectures of the 21st Century. 

For the first time, the architecture and design of the Performa biennial Hub has been conceived as a competitive process, further activating its ethos of experimentation and innovation, where its own design was selected by a juried panel of highly-recognized professionals from the worlds of architecture, art, and design.  Performa’s competitive design process for the Performa 15 Hub was the beginning of a conversation about ideas of space, the way artists and architects look at space, and the theatricality of architectural environments—specifically the role of performance in the design process. The Performa Hub is an architectural manifestation of Performa’s vision, serving as a proposal for a kind of architecture that draws the public in as participants—literally directing them to various activities through changing seating arrangements or moving walls, creating space as flexible and mobile as dance.  

Over the three weeks of the biennial, the Performa Hub hosts the Performa Institute, housing a range of artistic activities and projects, including dozens of public lectures, film screenings and panel discussions. This year's Hub hosts a number of artist residencies and experiments, commissioned and produced specifically for the Hub.

Performa Hub Opening Day
Monday November 2, 2015

The architect of the Performa 15 Hub is Christoph a. Kumpusch and his office Forward slash ( / ) ARCHITEKTUR.

Learn more about the Performa 15 Hub design competition and see all finalist proposals.

Image credit: Christoph a. Kumpusch and Forward slash ( / ) ARCHITEKTUR, selected detail from Performa 15 Hub architectural design proposal, 2015.