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Performa TV is a collection of videos that archive our past performance commissions, projects, and premieres, allowing our audience to revisit these events and relive our Performa biennial highlights, while ensuring that these ephemeral works live on beyond their immediate unfolding. Performance exists within a given moment and has historically been difficult to preserve and access; materials that record and document live art, including films, videos, photographs, props, and ephemera, are usually kept within private, academic, or museum collections, out of reach from a wider public. Performa's wide-ranging mission devotes itself in part to promoting and preserving the history of performance for future generations, and this Youtube channel is part of our ongoing initiative, making this resource accessible to a broad audience.  

Enriching these videos are artist and curator interviews, and behind-the-scenes footage, allowing a closer look at how these performances were conceived and produced.

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