The New York Times Spotlights Performa 15 Opening Night, Fortuna Desperata

The New York Times features an overview of Performa 15's upcoming Opening Night, Fortuna Desperata, presented by artist Francesco Vezzoli and dancer David Hallberg.

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RoseLee Goldberg opens Performa 15, a visual art performance biennial that she began 10 years ago, with a new collaboration between the American ballet dancer David Hallberg and the Italian artist Francesco Vezzoli. An exploration of Renaissance dance and its pageantry, the work, “Fortuna Desperata,” is also an all-too-rare opportunity to see Mr. Hallberg onstage since a foot injury forced him out of his scheduled performances with the Bolshoi Ballet and American Ballet Theater last spring. It’s unlikely that the premiere, which will be presented twice on Sunday night at St. Bartholomew’s Church in Midtown Manhattan, will feature Mr. Hallberg in his virtuosic mode, but we’ll take his elegant, potent presence any way we can. As Performa 15 continues, another likely highlight will be the return of the French choreographer Jérôme Bel, who unveils “Ballet (New York),” a premiere taking place in three spaces across the city — a theater, dance studio and gallery — that incorporates a group of local performers. Their task? To respond to a series of instructions masterminded by Mr. Bel, revealing, in the end, many sides of what dance can be. (Sunday, Nov. 1, through Nov. 22, various locations;

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Image credit: Francesco Vezzoli and David Hallberg, Fortuna Desperata, 2015, A Performa Commission; photo by Francesco Vezzoli, courtesy of L'Uomo Vogue, Conde Nast Italia.