RoseLee Goldberg on 10 Years of Performa in Artsy Editorial!

Performa Founding Director and Curator RoseLee Goldberg speaks about the wonderful artists of Performa 15. 

You know, since we’re very driven by commissioning new work, I think it’s less about trying to assess what’s out there but rather to almost create a new direction for what could be out there. With a commission, it’s more that you’re looking at individual work and deciding that this artist could do something very exciting that somehow deals with a lot of the issues you want to be talking about right now. Sometimes biennials have a mission statement rooted in “taking the temperature” of the times, responding to what’s out there. It’s less of that, because the commission process is really about selecting an artist whose work you find very interesting, and then asking them to run with an idea that we will then work with them on for a two-year period.

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Image credit: Laurie Simmons, The Music of Regret, 2005. Film still. Act 3. Commissioned by Salon 94 and co-produced by Performa.