Rainer Ganahl

Selling My Library

Kai Matsumiya 
153 Stanton St.
New York, NY 10002


Selling My Library by Rainer Ganahl takes inspiration from Walter Benjamin’s essay “Unpacking My Library: A Talk About Book Collecting,” in which he meditates on the author’s relationship with books, neither functional nor utilitarian but as deeply personal. Reflecting on his own connection to books and the written word, Ganahl explores their physicality as disappearing objects, increasingly described as physical media in an age when language has given way to the digital. 

On this project, the artist writes: 

I’m selling my library. Yes. I am.  

Finally, I am getting rid of all my books. I decide to do so in form of a low cost art work with no price increase above the projected remaining value of my used books. Adding a stamp to the books that lists my name and the title of the dispersing piece hopefully increases the chance of a better home, a better afterlife for these old paper beings.

Image credit: Rainer Ganahl, Selling My Library, 2015; courtesy of the artist.


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