Performa Presents

Will Rawls

Personal Effects
Run time: Approx 1hr
Run time: Approx 1hr

55 Bethune Street
corner of Washington Street
New York, NY 10014

$25, $20

For Performa 15, Will Rawls’ new solo performance, Personal Effects, takes the history of dance as its point of departure, considering the body in motion as both material and message.

Recombining vocabularies, images, and phrases that have shaped his body as a vehicle for performance, Rawls remembers himself in the present, translating his actions through the precarious filter of memory. Among his actions lurks the agitated and unstable language of identity, reflected inwardly toward himself, where he is imagined as a past, present, and future self. Structured through rhythmic time, this encounter between dance and public asks whether resigning the self can affect alternate visions and possibilities for the body in motion. 

Curated by Adrienne Edwards.

Find out more about the artist:
“Xavier Le Roy in Conversation with Will Rawls.” Will Rawls. Performance Research. Nov 2014. 
“Stepping Into the Past.” Gia Kourlas. New York Times. Feb 2012. 

Image credit: Will Rawls, 2015; photo by Luis Rodriguez, courtesy of the artist.


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