Performa Presents

Derrick Adams

Pablo Fanque’s Circus Royal/SIDESHOW

Performa Hub
47 Walker St.
New York, NY 10013


Derrick Adams presents Pablo Fanque’s Circus Royal/SIDESHOW, a live performance paying tribute to Pablo Fanque, Britain’s first black circus owner.

The showman, immortalized in song by John Lennon, was a master tightrope walker, horseman, vaulter, and somerset thrower, a Renaissance man and entertainer who founded the Victorian era Circus Royal. In dialogue with this history and Fanque’s legacy, Adams fabricates a portable circus tent in the Performa Hub, serving as the locus of a variety of sideshow entertainment from which a live radio broadcast also takes place. Live performers on small platforms dispersed throughout the circus tent cajole audiences with their tricks and talents. Adams acts as the ringmaster, organizing routines and juxtaposing music sets and readings with jugglers, dancers, magicians, and comedians. 

Curated by Adrienne Edwards.

Image credit: Derrick Adams, Pablo Fanque's Circus Royal/SIDESHOW, 2015; Graphic by Michael Chuapoco, courtesy of the artist.


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