Run time: Approx 1hr

Bridget Donahue Gallery
99 Bowery, 2nd Flr.
New York, NY 10002


JUDGEMENT NOW includes readings from the recently published novel Head by Mo-Leeza Roberts (Book Works, 2015) with live musical accompaniment by Thrape (Mark Beasley and Rose Kallal).

The performance details the potentials of cyborgian body relocation and non-institutional critique, as the ecstatic vision of radically reorganised socio-political relations. Narrated from the perspective of a tree-rat, this is the story of a new society sprouting from the hollowed out corpse of transnational corporate capitalism, a society flourishing in the co-mingling of synthetic nature and post-mortality technology. In addition, the event will include intersubjective encounters as enforced pseudo-casual coercion and group-judgement sessions where we can watch the torture of sinners, including projected animations. The performance coincides with the opening reception of the exhibition SQRRL by John Russell at Bridget Donahue gallery.

Image credit: John Russell, Parallel Domination Facility detail, 2015; courtesy of the artist. John Russell, Adjacent Bureaucracy Enhancement detail, 2015; courtesy of the artist. John Russell, Diagonal Slaughter Optimisation detail, 2015; courtesy of the artist.


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