Martin Gustavsson and Stanley Love Performance Group

El Mirage

253 E Houston St.
New York, NY 10002


Martin Gustavsson premieres El Mirage, an exhibition on wheels, that subverts preconceived notions of painting aesthetics by transforming the static nature of the medium into one infused with dynamism and movement. Performing around Gustavsson’s paintings, the Stanley Love Performance Group activates the gallery space with a new work full of emotion and spirit that aims to challenge order. 

El Mirage was conceived five years ago as a dialogue between Martin Gustavsson and performance artist, curator and writer Ian White. Together, they explored what might happen in an exhibition where painting and performance intersect, by reflecting on Baroque music as rhythmic gesture, the figure of Jean Genet, Poussin, and focusing on aspects of being, inhabiting, performing, or not performing an image. The initial project was never materialized, but was a source of inspiration for Gustavsson. 

Performing around Gustavsson’s screens—paintings affixed onto metal frame structures on wheels - the Stanley Love Performance Group employs the exhibition medium as an open rehearsal space that is in constant transformation. Inspired by social and modern dance idioms, the SLPG cast is formed as an array of individuality that comprises a large ensemble of diverse bodies. While technically demanding and structured, the choreography also introduces a movement that is wildly dynamic in emotion and spirit, embodying fantasies of the past but also of the future.

Image credit: Martin Gustavsson, El Mirage #9, 2015; courtesy of the artist.


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