Residency: Cardinals


Performa Hub
47 Walker St.
New York, NY 10013


For Performa 2015, artists-in-residence WrongSolo present Cardinals, a short three-part performance centred around an imagined dialogue between the cardinal point ‘North’, and the intercardinal points ‘South-East’ and ‘South-West’. Situated within the Performa 15 Hub and accompanied by clarinettist Megan Clune, Cardinals utilizes text and stylized choreography to develop a self-reflexive and speculative conversation about the contemporary art world. Referencing historical art and theatrical works, Cardinals considers the role of the individual artist, and the process of constructing performance art itself.

Curated by Amelia Wallin.

Image credit: WrongSolo, Thieves, 2014; image courtesy Salote Talwale.