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  • Oscar Murillo, Lucky dip
    Oscar Murillo
    Lucky dip

    Oscar Murillo’s new live work, Lucky dip, explores differing concepts of production, the economy, and the binary of work and leisure through the historic lens of the Alexander Hamilton U.S. Custom House.


  • Laura Lima, Artist Class
    Laura Lima
    Artist Class

    Brazilian artist Laura Lima discusses why she eschews performance as a term to describe her work, revealing a belief in the capacity of “things”, be they ideologies, objects, animals, or humans, to act in the world on their own terms. 


  • Archives Fever, Nelson Sullivan’s Pretty Interesting Types
    Archives Fever
    Nelson Sullivan’s Pretty Interesting Types

    A special program organized in collaboration with the Nelson Sullivan Video Collection and NYU’s Fales Library & Special Collections that features rare videos, portraits of people and places from NYC’s downtown underworld of the 1980s, and followed by a conversation between Juliana Huxtable and Ricardo Montez.


  • Justene Williams, The Curtain Breathed Deeply
    Justene Williams
    The Curtain Breathed Deeply

    Australian artist Justene Williams reimagines The Curtain Breathed Deeply, a lavish, sensorial installation that overwhelms the senses.


Ongoing Projects

  • Ryan Gander, Earnest Hawker
    Ryan Gander
    Earnest Hawker

    Ryan Gander imagines his future self: a conflicted avatar who briefly appears in and around the biennial selling his wares to an unsuspecting public.

  • Ray Johnson, Please Add To and Return To: Mail Art Homage to Ray Johnson
    Ray Johnson
    Please Add To and Return To: Mail Art Homage to Ray Johnson

    An exhibition of submissions to the project Please Add To and Return To, a mail art activation.


  • Brian Fuata, All Titles, No Centre Crux: the email performances in PERFORMA 2015
    Brian Fuata
    All Titles, No Centre Crux: the email performances in PERFORMA 2015

    Expanding on his live performances for Performa 15, Brian Fuata launches a series of ‘email performances’ that approach electronic correspondence as a theatrical stage.


    By booking a ticket your email address will be provided to Brian Fuata who will contact you twice a week over the period of November 1-30, 2015.

  • Jesper Just, Servitudes
    Jesper Just

    Jesper Just’s film probes society’s obsession with youth and beauty, exploring the tension between identity, femininity, and commodity in the contemporary age.


  • Heather Phillipson, FINAL DAYS
    Heather Phillipson

    Heather Phillipson deconstructs the modern department store in a video installation that pits the retail landscape against the new frontiers of online shopping. 


  • WrongSolo, Residency: Cardinals
    Residency: Cardinals

    Australian artist collective Wrong Solo (Agatha Gothe-Snape, Brian Fuata, and Shane Haseman) presents a self-reflexive three-part performance that speculates on the contemporary art world, developed in residence at the Performa Hub.