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Performa 15 Press Releases
10 2015 - Opening Night
10 2015 - Performa Hub Architectural Competition Winner
09 2015 - Australian Pavilion for Performa 15
09 2015 - Pioneering Partnership, Performa and Lafayette Anticipation, Fondation Galeries Lafayette, Paris
09 2015 - Full artist lineup and Pavilion Without Walls announced
08 2015 - Second round of Performa Commissions announced
07 2015 - First round of Performa Commissions announced


Performa 15 In the News
"A Mail-Art Performance and Other Treats at Performa 15" 
New York Times, Joshua Barone, Nov 2015
From the article: "With about 30 artists taking part [in Performa], it shouldn’t be difficult to find something to love."

"Art, Reagan and blackface: Edgar Arceneaux examines controversial performance by Ben Vereen"
Los Angeles Times, Carolina A. Miranda, Nov 2015
From the article: "Arceneaux’s play, which will debut at Performa, the performance art biennial in New York City, this week, explores some of this dissonance."

"Up and Coming: Laura Lima’s Performa Commission Plays with the Sociodynamics of a Flock of Hens"
Artsy, Elyse Mallouk, Nov 2015
From the article: "Though her work is included in this renowned performance biennial, she does not create 'performances.' And though her spectacular interventions are often immersive, they are not 'installations.'"

"In Times Square, Robin Rhode Stages an Anxious Call to Address Racial Disparities"
Artsy, Alexander Forbes, Nov 2015
From the article: "Performing Schönberg, whose atonal and athematic compositions have often been ascribed to the anxieties of the age of industrial capitalism, within the world’s greatest emblem of the cognitive-cultural economy of our moment is nothing short of brilliant. (Rhode says that touch was the suggestion of Performa director RoseLee Goldberg.)"

"At Performa, Juliana Huxtable Takes a Web-Induced Journey through Time"
Artsy, Andrew Wagner, Nov 2015
From the article: "Her Performa piece, co-commissioned by and presented at MoMA, follows a three-act structure centering around Huxtable’s hallucinatory poetry recitations."

"Dance This Week: An Eclectic ‘Hagoromo’ and Jérôme Bel’s ‘Ballet (New York)’​"
New York Times, Alastair MaCaulay, Nov 2015
From the article: "Increasingly throughout this century, Jérôme Bel has been a name."

"At Performa, Two Poets Make Online Language Flexible and Freeing"
Hyperallergic, Elisa Wouk Almino, Nov 2015
From the article: "At A&E Studios, for the new Performa Poetry Series, titled What if someone told u you were significant?, there were beach chairs and free beer — and the added environment of an art installation by Heather Phillipson, whose videos channeling the experience of online shopping were apt for a reading dedicated to poets 'whose works borrow the distinct and peculiar motifs of language online.'"

"The Curtain Rises in Cyberspace" 
Interview Magazine, Haley Weiss, Nov 2015
From the article: "Last week, as the Performa 15 biennial geared up for a month of performances throughout New York City, one performance began in cyberspace, causing smartphones to buzz and inboxes to ping on the morning of November 3." 

"Pavilions without Walls: Australia"
Artand, Nov 2015
From the article: "Now in its sixth edition, the Performa Biennial connects international artists with the local New York arts community via a collective focus on cross-disciplinary performance art, both past and present."

"For Performa, One Artist Stages a Debate—Among His Own Paintings"
New York Times, Kat Herriman, Nov 2015
From the article: "Much like [Wyatt] Kahn’s paintings, the set and costumes for the piece [Work] are reserved but charming."

"10 Best Ways to Get Your Culture Fix in November"
Condé Nast Traveler, Molly Elizalde, Nov 2015
From the article: "New York: Catch Robin Rhode’s take on Schoenberg’s atonal opera Erwartung and Wyatt Kahn’s jaunty puppet show at Performa 15."

"Performa lets the art speak for itself"
The Art Newspaper, Pac Pobric, Nov 2015
From the article: "Other commissioned performances include an untitled work by the Danish artist Jesper Just for which he has designed 'a new instrument, a type of organ that intersects ideas of music, sculpture and technology', he [Just] says." 

"Classical Music This Week: ‘Lulu’ and a Museum’s Taste of Schubert"
New York Times, Zachary Woolfe, Nov 2015 
From the article: "As part of the Performa festival, the South African artist Robin Rhode organizes a performance of Schoenberg’s monodrama Erwartung in Times Square, widening the piece’s intimate scope to the global struggles faced by women." 

"RoseLee Goldberg on 10 Years of Performa"
Artsy, Tess Thackara, Nov 2015
From the article: "Dissolving the perception of those two categories—of 'performance' in scare quotes, and the production of art—is something of a preoccupation for Goldberg, who for over 40 years has been an influential advocate and catalyst for a medium that she sees as extending far beyond the limited parameters typically ascribed to it." 

"How Performance Art Entered the Mainstream"
Artsy, Julie Baumgardner, Nov 2015
From the article: "Goldberg has long been an advocate for viewing performance not as a discrete category but one that intersects with all types of artmaking and other cultural fields."

"14 Things to Do in New York’s Art World Before November 6"
Observer, Paul Lester, Nov 2015
From the article: "Influenced by such Renaissance rebels as painter Giuseppe Arcimboldo, ceramicist Bernard Palissy and writer François Rabelais, the musical production [of Pauline Curnier Jardin] mixes staged scenarios with pop cultural and historical references."

"10 Shows Not to Miss At Performa 2015"
MutualArt, Natalie Hegert, Oct 2015
From the article: "There will be Renaissance court dancing, singing tableaux vivants, and modernist opera in Times Square."

"Forward Slash ( / ) ARCHITEKTUR Selected to Design Performa 15 Hub in NYC"
ArchDaily, Eric Oh, Oct 2015
From the article: "The design for the Hub was informed by a reversal of typical performance typology." 

"Performa 15, RoseLee Goldberg’s Art Biennial, Opens With ‘Fortuna Desperata’"
New York Times, Gia Kourlas, Oct 2015
From the article: "RoseLee Goldberg opens Performa 15, a visual art performance biennial that she began 10 years ago, with a new collaboration between the American ballet dancer David Hallberg and the Italian artist Francesco Vezzoli... As Performa 15 continues, another likely highlight will be the return of the French choreographer Jérôme Bel, who unveils “Ballet (New York),” a premiere taking place in three spaces across the city — a theater, dance studio and gallery..."

"Lights! Artists! Action!"
W Magazine, Alix Browne and Diane Solway, Oct 2015
From the article: "As the curtain is about to rise on Performa, the New York performance art biennial now in its 10th year, three artists on the roster [Jesper Just, Wyatt Kahn, and Francesco Vezzoli and David Hallberg] take W behind their scenes."

"Newsmaker: RoseLee Goldberg"
Modern Painters, Sara Roffino, Oct 2015
From the article: "In the ten years since Goldberg founded the Performa biennial, performance art has moved swiftly into the establishment as museums, universities, and even art fairs are now regularly creating dedicated spaces and programs for the genre. However, as Goldberg explains to Sara Roffino, performance has been an integral part of artists' practice for hundreds of years—a fact underscored by a focus on the Renaissance in [Performa 15]." 

"An Exclusive Look at BAM’s Experimental Performance Art Piece ‘More Up a Tree"
Observer, Ryan Steadman, Oct 2015
From the article: "It’s why the Performa Biennial is such a favorite amongst the art world: you never quite know how an artwork is going to turn out, where you’ll have to venture to see it, or what you’ll be lucky enough to witness when it unfolds."

"Performa 15, New York" 
Aesthetica Magazine, Oct 2015
From the article: "Working in collaboration with some of the city’s most adventurous cultural institutions, and discovering venues or repurposing them to frame the original material of each of the artists in the biennial, Performa hope the city will become the “performance capital of the world,” building on its remarkable artistic history since the 1960s, and especially the idea of  “downtown” as a magnet for avant-garde artists from across disciplines and around the world...The historical resemblances and precedents of the Renaissance to today’s artistic performances provide a fertile area of investigation, drawing attention to the role of artists at that time as makers of live works such as pageants, triumphal processions, court fetes, fireworks, royal marriage celebrations and allegorical tableaux.  Collaborative, interdisciplinary, and site-specific, these public activities also communicated the politics and philosophy of the powerful patrons who sponsored them."

"Take a Sneak Peek Inside the Anticipated Performa Biennial"
Artnet, Cait Munro, Sep 2015 
From the article: "This year's Pavilion Without Walls section—a riff on the various national pavilions that make up the Venice Biennale—will focus on Australia, where Goldberg and her team have sought artists that they feel are representative of what's happening right now all the way across the world."

"At Performa and Crossing the Line, Barreling Through the Fourth Wall"
New York Times, Gia Kourlas, Sep 2015
From the article: "This fall, two ambitious festivals, Crossing the Line and Performa, will try to take over New York: not only in theaters and gallery spaces but also on sidewalks. Havens for multidisciplinary performance and dance, each dispenses with convention in favor of adventurous programming that makes you think as much about your place in the world as about the art itself."

"Performa '15 Lineup Revealed, Bolshoi’s David Hallberg to Perform Opening Night"
Observer, Guelda Voien, Sep 2015 
From the article: "A handful of pieces have become part of New York, and art, history."

"Performa 15 Announces Artist Line Up And Programme"
Artlyst, Sep 2015
From the article: "With Performa 15, Performa celebrates its 10th Anniversary and illuminates the extensive influence of the organization and its program. Performa 15 marks a more selective edition, adding extraordinary new work to the genre."

"Performa Reveals More Biennial Performers, Headlined by Oscar Murillo"
Observer, Ryan Steadman, Aug 2015
From the article: "Painter and performance artist Oscar Murillo headlines the group, which also includes hot young painter Wyatt Kahn, and conceptual artist Edgar Arceneaux, among others. They will be added to Performa’s already keen roster of luminaries, which includes painter/sculptor/performance artist Rashid Johnson and Icelandic performer Ragnar Kjartansson.”