Eleonora Fabião

Things That Must Be Done Series, Wall Street Action #4: Rothko’s Pallet

Wall Street and Adjacent Areas


Eleonora Fabião experimental collective performance, comprised of an intergenerational group of participants ranging in age from their 20s to 60s, stages actions, manipulating twelve-foot bamboo rods and color fields differently altered each day to explore the relation between geometry, political potential, and abstraction through radically precarious assemblages. The performances are “urban acupuncture”, meditations on verticality, possibility, instability, and vulnerability in capitalist societies, openly displaying the tensions between profit and gratuity, efficiency and experimentation, normative meaning and meaningful vitality, and capital orientation and political imagination.

Wall Street Action #4: Rothko's Pallet occurs at sunrise, one hour before to one hour after the sun touches the horizon. 


Wall Street Actions' collaborators:
Viniciús Arneiro
Sebastián Calderón Bentin
Frances Cooper
Pablo Assumpção B. Costa
Liz Heard
Irene Hultman
Bettina Knaup 
André Lepecki
Felipe Ribeiro
Cecilia Roos

Artistic advisor: Bettina Knaup
Video and stills: Felipe Ribeiro

Image credit: Eleonora Fabião, Gouache Tagging, 2014; photo by Felipe Ribeiro, courtesy of the artist.


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