Zheng Mahler

Zheng Mahler is a Hong Kong-based collective founded by artist Royce Ng and anthropologist Daisy Bisenieks.

Together, they work on intensive, community-based and site-specific projects that unite digital media, performance, and installation to explore the complex relationships between art and anthropology. These projects have been exhibited at Johann Jacobs Museum, Zurich (2014); Gertrude Contemporary, Melbourne (2013); Artspace Mite Ugro, Gwangju (2012); Kunsthalle Gwangju, Gwangju (2011); and Nena Contemporary Art Space, Chiangmai (2009), among others.

Ng (b. 1983, Melbourne, Australia) is a Chinese-Australian artist who makes site-specific work with an anthropological and ethnomusicological approach, organizing collaborative projects that deal with economics, politics, urban development, and aesthetics.

Bisenieks (b. 1983, Melbourne, Australia) is an anthropologist whose research interests expand anthrozoology, sensory and multispecies ethnography, museum studies, politics, and development. 

Image credit: Zheng Mahler, The Bull, 2014; photo courtesy of the artists. Sun Sing Theater, The Dragon’s Revenge, Life Magazine May 1, 1950; photograph by Jerry Cooke, courtesy of The Jerry Cooke Archives, Inc. and Time, Inc.