Volmir Cordeiro

Before moving to France in 2011, Volmir Cordeiro (b. 1987, Santa Catarina, Brazil) was a key member of Brazilian choreographer Lia Rodrigues’s socially-oriented contemporary dance company based in Favela de Maré, one of Rio de Janeiro’s biggest slums.

In 2012, Cordeiro graduated from the Essais choreographic research program at Angers National Contemporary Dance Center, where he choreographed and performed Céu (Portugese for ‘sky’), a pared down solo based on the corporalities of marginal and underprivileged characters living under the same sky. Céu toured extensively throughout European and Brazilian dance festivals. More recently, Cordeiro was part of Xavier Le Roy’s 2014 Rétrospective at Centre Pompidou.

Image credit: Volmir Cordeiro, Inês, 2014; photo by Cristiano Prim, courtesy of the artist. Volmir Cordeiro, Inês, 2014; photo by Margot Videcoq, courtesy of the artist.